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As a parent, my main concern is safety. Along with other parents, we fear for our children's safety.
Speed cameras do not prevent speeding nor eliminate the potential for accidents or deaths, especially in school zones and residential areas. What I have been hearing from other residents is that they want to see speed bumps installed in school zones. Other municipalities have done so (Mississauga, Ottawa, Beamsville, etc). All we get from City Hall is that they will hinder first responders from arriving in a timely manner whenever there are emergencies.


Crime and violence are at an all-time high in the City and residents are fearful. We need more police patrols on our streets, especially from 12 midnight to 6 am. The number of break-ins, car thefts and assaults is at an epidemic level and needs immediate action and solutions. I will champion reducing crime and violence in our city.

Another concern is that there is too much waste of taxpayers’ money and there is no accountability and transparency at City Hall. Over $600,000 has been paid for consultancy work for BramptonU (Brampton University) and there is no report as to what that amount was used for. This is just one example of our tax dollars going to waste and no one is accountable for it. This needs to stop. The BramptonU project has been cancelled.


We need to put Brampton first. We have been hearing from residents that there is no Transparency and Accountability at City Hall. Residents want to know that their elected officials are transparent in their conduct and in the affairs of the City. Corruption and any sign of it is a turn-off for residents.
Some residents have expressed that they have no interest in voting and they are turned off from politics because of a lack of transparency and accountability. The residents entrust elected servants with their votes, and they demand and have a right to hold their elected officials accountable for promises made. Nothing is more distasteful than an elected servant who is no longer accountable to the people. I pledge to work with integrity and honesty, making all accounting practices above board, and available to my constituents.

In Toronto, children 12 and under do not pay to use the public transportation system. However, in Brampton, everyone pays if they are not a senior. We need to have free public transportation services for all children in secondary school and below. If we want our children to care for the environment, then offering free public transportation is one such way.


We need to redesign major roadways with HOV lanes, giving priority to Public Transportation and vehicles with two or more occupants. These roads could include Bovaird Dr, Queen St, Steeles Ave, Airport Rd, Bramalea Rd, Torbram Rd, Dixie Rd, Main St, McLaughlin Rd, Chinguacousy Rd, etc.


Residents commute to cities like Toronto, Mississauga, Vaughan and even further away for work. What I am hearing from my neighbours is that we need to eliminate gridlocks. We need to provide better transportation in the form of Public Transit that is more reliable, and more frequent with shortened commute times. It is time we focus on making Public Transit the best option for Brampton. Residents are willing to park their vehicles and take Public Transit if it is more frequent with shorter commute times.

Another issue raised by the residents of Wards 7 and 8, is that property tax keeps increasing and they don’t see the benefit of the constant increase. There are no more services and programs for them to utilize. They are very concerned that City Council is just increasing property tax to pay for City Bureaucrats' pay increase and not getting value for money. The residents are demanding better transparency of their taxes, more services and better programs, especially for youth or a partial refund of property tax money paid. Otherwise, a freeze or decrease in property tax payment is worth considering. The residents also want to see a month-by-month Revenue and Expenditure report readily available on the City's website.

Why should you vote for me?
I am a Community Advocate, husband, father and citizen of Brampton who is committed to getting results that matter most to Brampton's residents, specifically, Wards 7 and 8. I don’t give lip service but work for results that matter most. I will collaborate with all other City Councillors, the Mayor, and the Provincial and Federal Governments to get the funding needed to move Brampton to where we need to be as a first-class city.

These are just some of my main concerns and some of the reasons I am running to be the next City Councillor for Brampton, Wards 7 and 8.