Hello, I'm Michael


The tragedies of life do not determine your path; you can overcome all of life’s obstacles and triumph. I am a living example that when tragedy strikes, together with persistence and resilience, triumph is possible.

My father died in a tragic workplace accident when I was only two months old. I never had the opportunity to call him “Dad”. I missed out on meaningful memories that some of us take for granted as children. Those simple, ordinary bonding moments between a father and son were taken away from me.

When I was sixteen years old, my mother became ill.  I will always remember the day I went to school and came home to learn that my mother had passed. Her condition worsened and at sixteen years old, I became an orphan. 


To this day, I have cherished the compassion my uncles, aunts, and community members showed me. It was during this period of my life that I knew I wanted to give back to people and communities. I want to share the grace others have shown me and hopefully inspire positive change in my community. Triumph in Tragedy is part of my life.

To learn more about who I am and my accomplishments, please continue reading below. Although I do not know all the answers and frequently reflect on the “whys” of life, I continue to look forward and strive to overcome my tragedies with triumphs.


Michael Farquharson is a Husband, Father, Volunteer, Coach, Community Advocate, Board
Member and Director.

Michael was a member of the National Planning Committee for an amalgamation of community organizations, who organized a Virtual Telethon across Canada. This Telethon raised much-needed funds to assist community members who became vulnerable due to the COVID19 pandemic.

Michael has appeared on the Brian Crombie talk show for Sauga 960 AM as a panelist discussing why zero gun violence is achievable and anti-black racism in Canada.


Michael is the 2020 recipient of the Excellence in Leadership & Inspiration Award from the
JunCtian Community Initiatives (www.junctian.com).

Michael was a Candidate for City Council in the Municipal Elections of 2018 for Brampton
Wards 9 and 10. He was the runner-up out of seven candidates with just under 5,000 votes,
representing 18.37% of the total votes.

Michael serves as a Board Member at his local church for the past nine years. He has served in
many other positions, including Special Project Coordinator, Couples Coordinator, Youth
Teacher and Usher. He also led an outreach program as Head Soccer Coach in the Rexdale area
for over 16 years.

For the past 16 years, Michael continues to work at an International Transportation company. He has worked in many departments with increasing responsibilities. He was awarded the companies highest and most prestigious honors on two different occasions for Canada and the United States of America.  Apart from his main responsibilities of collaborating and getting consensus from different stakeholders across multiple sections and operations, he served as one of the Co-Chair of the company’s Inclusion Council for all of Canada.

Michael Farquharson was raised in the capital city of Kingston, Jamaica. He studied Mechanical Engineering at Saint Andrew Technical High School. Michael was awarded a full scholarship to study in the United States of America at Fox Valley Technical College and received a Technical Degree in Quality Improvement Processes. He furthered his educational pursuits and graduated from DeVry University with a Degree specializing in Computer Information Systems. Michael also holds certificates in Supervisory and Records Management.

Michael’s life motto is Honour, Diligence, and Service, which he applies to every aspect of his life; treating everyone with HONOUR, being DILIGENT in every situation and SERVING everyone, no matter their status in life.